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Tue Apr 15, 2014, 6:44 AM

Just wanted to say that this person is totally amazing and it's totally cool that this entire website seem to ship us (even christian extremists who think we're being sinful hypocrites, boohoo), I mean like score. 


Woop, it's time for the next backstory! This time it's Shazuna and Cazim, my oldest characters who I feel that I've neither introduced properly nor drawn enough... Soo, free cookies to everyone who reads this massive wall of text! 

Shazuna and Cazim are both from a country to the far north of the world called Exhalon (imagine a steampunk Skyrim, hehe). This country is located on the other side of the world from Arcane Cape, and is very different in environment and culture. The climate is a lot colder, and both the cities and the people seem a lot more medieval. No one uses cars or computers in Exhalon, and people get around either on horses, airships or with steam-engines. One thing is just the same as Arcane Cape however; Exhalon is also populated by monsters and need warriors to protect them. Their armies consists of different classes of warriors, and the country is famous and even regarded as mythical because of it's many inhabitants born with magical powers. There are three types; people who can to some extent master natural elements, people who can heal and people who can use dark powers to increase their strength and focus (total rip-off of Final Fantasy's black mage, white mage and dark knight I know. Shazuna and Cazim used to be Final Fantasy III FC's originally).

Shazuna's father was a knight who's specialty was fighting with a lance or halberd. He was very dexterous and flexible and took great pride in his job, but he wasn't very strong, to be fair. One day he was exploring the western mountains of Exhalon, when he was attacked by a wyvern. A giant, flying beast like this was extremely hard to fight on your own, and the young man was in quite a pickle. Luckily, he was saved by a small group of vikings who lived in the mountains. One of them was a rather burly but beautiful woman with giant, unruly hair. This was Shazuna's mom. The vikings offered the man to stay with them and heal up, and during a few days in the viking village in the mountains, the man and the viking woman developed feelings for each other. The man was offered to stay, and a couple of months later they got married and had a daughter. As a kid, Shazuna was a real handful. She got into fights, she had an uncontrollable temperament, and she was always poking her nose into what was not her business. She had inherited both her father's stamina and her mother's brute strength, and she could be a very promising warrior, if she didn't completely lack discipline. At the age of 15, the young freckled viking was certain that she would be the best warrior even seen, but her parent's wasn't as sure. She acted before thinking, and often solved problems with her fists... And even if she was very good at handling both a lance and a halberd, it seemed like no one in the village could make her understand that a good warrior needed self-control and discipline just as much as strength. She was sent to the Royal Warrior Academy, and the following years were really tough for the young woman. Her temperament and her way of wanting to handle things on her own made her rather infamous at the academy, and during the first years people were actually a bit scared of her. Shazuna was frustrated out of her mind because no matter how hard she trained and how strong and fearless she was, she wouldn't get as good as some of the older and more experienced warriors. Slowly, she understood the importance of discipline and by the age of 24 she had finally begun to control her temperament. With that under control, Shazuna finally came closer to her dream: being one of the most talented warriors at the academy. It was finally time to leave the academy and begin working for real, and Shazuna became part of a group consisting of two warriors from the academy and two knights from the Shadowforce Brigade, a group of warriors who only accepted the most promising and talented dark knights.

Cazim grew up in the outskirts of Exhalon's capital. His mother was running an orphanage, and his father was a warrior. At a young age, Cazim was taking a lot of responsibility and took care of the other kids as if they were his little brothers and sisters. He was very calm, intelligent and mature. When Cazim was 14, his father got sick and suddenly passed away. Cazim and his mother was in shock, and with the father gone, there was no way they would be able to make it through financially. His mother, who loved him with all her heart and was so worried of losing him too, knew that she couldn't keep Cazim working for her all his life. He was a way too promising young man. When he told her he was going to be a knight she didn't try to stop him, but it was clear as day that she was extremely worried for him. But it was also the only way for the family to make money to keep the orphanage running. Cazim joined a training camp in the capital, and did indeed do really well. His father had taught him to handle a broadsword, and he quickly impressed the other knights. The head knight of the camp, who was also the head of the Shadowforce Brigade, soon realized that Cazim had dark powers inside him. During battle Cazim could become extremely focused, fighting as if he was in a trance, which put an enormous mental strain on him. On several occasions he accidentally nearly killed his sparring partner because he couldn't break this trance. This made Cazim rather isolated as a person. He didn't show much emotion, he wasn't very sociable and the fact that his looks made him popular with the ladies was nothing but bothersome to him. He had a few sexual contacts, but as most of the women he was with bragged openly about being with him, he eventually stopped caring about relationships altogether. At the age of 25, work was everything that mattered to him. He still sent money to his mother, but he hadn't seen her for years. One day he was assigned to a mission with two knights from the Royal Academy.

So, Shazuna and Cazim met for the first time during this mission. Shazuna was naturally immediately charmed by the mysterious, handsome knight, while it was impossible to tell what Cazim was thinking at all. Their mission went really well however, and they were suggested to start working as freelancers together. Shazuna immediately agreed, and Cazim, who was in fact very impressed with Shazuna's skill as a warrior, agreed as well. Shazuna was stronger and had more stamina while Cazim was a lot more dexterous, quick and intelligent, which made them complement each other in a very good way. After a while, they met two other freelancers, the healer Argus and a mage named Jack. Argus was the most insane, offensive healer they had even seen, while Jack was a sensible, kind and rather chubby man. The four of them made a rather odd team, but after two years they were really famous in Exhalon, jokingly called the “Quest Squad”. After these two years, they all agreed that they should go back to their respective academies to continue their training. However, it wasn't long until Shazuna received a letter from the King and Queen themselves. Apparently a giant, flying chimera had attacked the capital and since their strongest royal knights were on a mission in another city, they reached out to Shazuna to help out. Shazuna immediately headed for the capital.

At the castle gardens in the capital, Shazuna met Cazim, to her big surprise. He had been traveling for a couple of months, and had been called by the king and queen as well as they got to know that he was in the capital. When being apart from Cazim, Shazuna had realized that she had developed... Pretty massive feelings for him, to say the least. She feared that telling him would ruin their synergy as warriors, and decided to keep quiet about it. The two warriors knew by experience that a chimera was smarter than to show itself if a bunch of warriors was trampling around in the woods, so they decided to head out by themselves. By night, they were ready to give up, when they suddenly saw a faint green glow from a cave deep in the woods. Before they had time to react, the giant chimera attacked them furiously, almost killing Shazuna with it's venomous snake-tail. With their powers combined they finally managed to kill the beast. None of them badly wounded but beat black and blue, they decided to set up camp in the forest. Still high on adrenaline and emotions overflowing from nearly being killed, Shazuna tried her hardest to not confess her feelings for Cazim, but failed, of course. To her big surprise Cazim answered with kissing her passionately, admitting that there was no way he could keep away from her any longer, too. They spent their first night together in that forest. The next day Shazuna had to return to the Academy, no matter how badly she wanted to stay with her new-found lover.

Another couple of months passed, and Shazuna received another message from the king and queen. She learned that a large number of monsters were attacking the capital, in such a well-organized way that they suspected that someone was controlling the monsters by magic. Such a thing was possible, but haven't been heard of in several years. The whole Quest Squad was being assembled again, but Shazuna headed to the capital a couple of days before the appointed time to have some private time with Cazim, so to say. Sadly, they didn't get the opportunity to do so, before there was an emergency outside the castle walls. A wyvern was hovering around on the foggy fields outside the castle, holding an unconscious person in it's claws. Shazuna and Cazim immediately headed out to help them, but as they came close to the beast, the person suddenly took control of the wyvern, holding out his hand towards Cazim before climbing onto the beast's back and flying away. When Shazuna approached the immobilized Cazim, he swung his sword towards her, almost decapitating her. The person had controlled Cazim, and made him try to kill her. After a long, tormenting battle Shazuna finally managed to knock him unconscious and carry him back to the castle, before vomiting blood and collapsing. Shazuna woke up two days later, relieved that Jack and Argus had arrived as well. They were shocked to hear about what had happened, and the whole castle was in an uproar. They had no idea who to suspect, either. They told her Cazim was awake, and together with the Royal High Summoner Deia and the Arch Mage Julien Shazuna headed towards the artillery to meet him, terrified of how he would have taken the fact that he'd almost killed her. Outside the artillery, they were to their big surprise and shock attached by the wyvern again, without anyone riding it's back this time. No one had weapons with them, and Julien was the only one who could use spells without a weapon, but he wouldn't. Suddenly, Deia told him to stop, sinking to the ground while sobbing uncontrollably. Just as the wyvern was about to attack her, Cazim showed up from inside the artillery, slicing through the neck of the wyvern as if it was made of butter. Kicking Julien to the ground, Cazim had to muster all the self-control he could ever manage to not kill the arch-mage, before just walking away from the scene. After a long, awful day of interrogations it turned out that Julien despised the king and queen's believe in peace, and how they didn't put enough money and effort into training knights and how they instead laid their trust on freelancers like the Quest Squad. He had tried to made Cazim kill Shazuna to show them what happened if they trusted a few people to protect them. Apparently Deia had known, but he had threaten to kill her girlfriend Anya is she didn't keep quiet. At first, Cazim was devastated for almost killing his lover, but soon after the shock was over Cazim asked Shazuna to marry him, never wanting to lose her again.

Since the monster attacks in Exhalon had gotten worse recently, many monster being encouraged by the controlled monsters who had unimpededly attacked several cities, their honeymoon had to wait. They had planned to travel the world, but none of them had known that it would take four whole years until they could finally do so. Their travels eventually lead them to Arcane Cape, and even though they were on vacation, they couldn't help themselves from helping people keeping monsters away whenever it was needed. Before long, the mysterious couple were written about in the newspapers, and even mentioned on tv. Of course, Jocelyn had to contact them and ask them to come to the Headquarters. The couple turned out to be really different from the soldiers at the I.M.B.A-team, indeed. They had a hard time handling the hot climate, they didn't know how to use modern vehicles like cars and MC's, and they rather hunted their own food than eating in the canteen with the others. However, Jocelyn had never seen any warriors before with such refined skills and discipline. She realized that both her and the other soldiers could learn a great deal from them, and asked them to stay and work as both mentors and warriors. Always ready to help out were they were needed, Shazuna and Cazim accepted the offer. Today, Shazuna is a loving and caring woman, but her hot temperament and lust for fighting still shines through. Cazim is also a bit more sociable and easygoing, but still has a really hard time relaxing, as he's made a habit of always looking out for everyone and constantly takes it upon himself to protect people who he believes can't take care of themselves. When he feels that his dark power is getting the best of him, he isolates himself to meditate from preventing any accidents from happening. He's still rather introvert except when it comes to Shazuna, however. It's no overstatement to say that Shazuna is his everything. 

Ummmmm okay 

4 deviants said Girlfriend is Draw, btw
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I am here to appreciate art, be inspired by others and hopefully inspire other people in some way or other. I draw to make myself and other people happy, and are drawn to colourful and dynamic things. I pretty much like everything, expect for some things, which I like a bit less. That's about it I think.

:bulletpink: Never feel afraid to ask me something or write to me, I really appreciate that people use some of their time to comment my art and things like that, being nice on the internet is kind of cool :bulletpink:

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Tue Apr 15, 2014, 1:56 PM
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ilu more
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Grattis på Födelsedagen! :)
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They areee yours in like a couple of days too, right? Mine's on the 13th!
Tue Feb 11, 2014, 2:06 AM
our birthdays must be quite close :0
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